Burrow -Board Game


A family board game for 2 to 4 players Ages 8 to 12


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The Mellerud family just left to live with their cousins in a field in Chugwater… I think that’s in Wyoming… Anyways, that means there’s an open garden plot ripe for the taking for any family of bunnies willing to dig out a home. First come, first served! Better get to digging because free land never lasts long.

You and your family of bunnies rush to dig out a home in the garden, collecting food for the winter and claiming all the tunnels you can, competing to create the largest warren. There will be baby-showers, droughts, and even summer colds, caves could collapse, or you could find a cache of unharvested veggies, some bunnies may even stumble upon the legendary Golden Carrot. Time to get your paws dirty! A family board game for 2 to 4 players Ages 8 and up.