Gateway to Adventure




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Oh to live during the glorious age of heroes! Were fairy tales and fables ever real?

What ever happened to the monsters and magic of legend?

Could it be they just lie hidden behind some portal waiting for that door to be opened again?


From the author of  The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, Harold Johnson, comes the next great adventure. Gateway to adventure is a AD&D 1st edition adventure with the old school feel that so many enjoy and love. Characters begin in a world with no magic and no character classes and then the adventure unfolds as they discover the mysteries of a world of magic, myth, and monsters. This adventure modules is the first in a 3 part series and includes basic rules as well as pre-generated characters for fast and easy use by new or experienced players.

There is a limited amount of the special convention edition. Cover art by Andres Canals which is also available in poster and t-shirts for collectors.

Look for more adventures by Harold Johnson in the near future sold here at the Epic Quest Store including the sequel to Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan coming this fall.