Return to Tamaonchan- Special Limited Edition


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This SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION will only be sold online through EPIC QUEST STORE and only 200 will be printed!! Each one is individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Once these are sold only the regular edition will be available.

RETURN TO TAMOANCHAN features the that EPIC QUEST PRODUCTIONS pioneered in the RPG industry. This adventure is actually 3 books all in FULL color.

The Monster Section– For the over 70 monsters that will be encountered. Custom unique creatures never seen before from the mind of Harold Johnson who created the Gibberring Mouther, Cloaker, Boggle, Korred, and many other iconic fantasy creatures. (36 Pages)

The Character Section– 42 playable characters (optional) and 6 NPCs! You can play this adventure using your characters and choose a background that leads to one of the SEVEN entrances. This works great for groups that want to replay the adventure and get a different experience each time. Why so many? Just like the original this can be played competitively. Seven groups of players all seeking to succeed and survive either together or against each other, your choice. Great for tournaments and convention play. Harold created and designed the original Tamoachan and now this adventure so that it can be played easily at those events as well as at home. (32 Pages)

The Adventure– The original module ‘Hidden Shrine of Tamaochan’ was voted one of the most deadly ever written. RETURN TO TAMOANCHAN is even more deadly! This 10th level adventure will challenge the skills of even the most experienced player. The diabolical traps, creatures, story, and environment will keep your healers busy and wear down even the toughest fighters. Cunning, skill, swift decisions, patience, and adventure experience will give you the best chance of surviving. The challenge is great, the rewards even greater! (48 Pages)

Plus– 2 full color 11 x 17 removable maps!

Here is what you can look forward to!

Since last visiting the region of the there has been much upheaval. Severe earthquakes and landslides have wrecked the land you once knew.

Phantasmal creatures and polymorphisms have appeared and the ruins above have been twisted. Walls have been malformed and have merged with solid living matter. What will you find within you do not know. But death is almost certain for the unprepared and foolish.

The knowledge of those who went before you may be useless and outdated. It is clear a greater evil and its powers have taken hold of the regions as you Return To Tamoanchan.

The infamous ‘Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan’ written by Harold Johnson 40 yrs ago. Now you can revisit Tamoanchan and its the many evils and perils that lie within. This 10th level module is the most challenging ever written by Harold and contains all the great story telling and mysteries you have come to expect from this legendary author. Full color maps, new creatures, DM friendly, and loaded with special features including optional tournament play-ability.

If you are classic Dungeons and Dragons player then this is a must have as there is the classic feel to this epic adventure. If you are new to the game then this is where to start experiencing the awe and mystery that role playing games are all about and all using a layout that makes it very easy to play.